What funds are available

Below is a list of the funds available and their costs and charges.

You can change the funds your invested in by logging in to your online member account. You should regularly review your investments to make sure they remain the right place to invest for you.

When looking at the level of costs and charges met by members we take into account the following:

A charge

This includes the Annual Management Charge (‘AMC’) that is deducted from funds to cover the management costs and additional expenses incurred in running the funds. Together with the AMC this is known as the Total Expense Ratio (‘TER’).

A transaction cost

This includes day-to-day fund expenses incurred within the fund as a result of buying, selling, lending or borrowing of investments. It includes explicit costs (such as taxes, fees and commissions) and implicit costs (such as market timing) which are separate from quoted TERs.


The way transaction costs are calculated may mean they are negative, which would reduce the total amount you pay to invest in a fund.

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Fund nameChargeTransaction costTotal costs and charges paid by members
The Exempli adventurous fund0.40%0.10%0.50%
The Exempli balanced fund0.40%0.10%0.50%
The Exempli cautious fund0.40%0.10%0.50%
The Exempli annuity fund0.15%0.10%0.25%
The Exempli drawdown fund0.65%0.10%0.75%
The Exempli active fund0.55%0.20%0.75%
The Exempli green fund0.40%0.10%0.50%
The Exempli ethical fund0.50%0.20%0.70%

These figures are based on


  • information on charges provided by Provider X.
  • assumptions on how your pensions savings may grow which are in line with those used in the annual benefit statements sent to members.


You should note that Provider X were not able to provide transaction costs and charges for The Exempli adventurous fund due to further development needed on their systems. The standard costs and charges has therefore been given.


The Trustee(s) are working with their advisers and providers to remedy this situation and believe that next year a more comprehensive assessment will be possible.

Behind the scenes

To show the impact charges could have on your pension savings over time we have prepared a number of illustrations based on some example scenarios.


The Trustee(s) have produced these illustrations in line with February 2018 guidance from the Department for Work & Pensions to help members understand the costs and charges that apply to their pension savings.


Read on to find out more about what goes into these illustrations, including how we’ve calculated the figures and the assumptions we’ve used.

Funds and example scenarios

Read on to find out more about the funds available and their charges as well as look at the impact the charges may have based on some example scenarios.


Investment performance cannot be guaranteed and fund values can go down as well as up. If you are thinking about changing the fund(s) you are invested in, or would like more guidance around the options available to you, we recommend that you seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).