The Exempli Pension Scheme

Exploring the costs and charges in the scheme

Your pension savings

Your pension savings in the Scheme are held and invested in investment funds. The Trustee(s) monitor these funds, but you are responsible for your own selection from the range available.

It’s important that you look at the costs and charges of a fund alongside the value that the fund is trying to give you.

This value can come in many different forms depending on the fund you choose, for example:


  • growing the value of your pension savings
  • protecting the value of your pension savings to keep them stable
  • collecting your payments and keeping them secure


This value can also come from;


  • all the systems and people’s time needed to look after your policy
  • the specialist knowledge required to understand the markets and invest your pension savings
  • any communication, websites and information that help you understand and keep you up to date with your pension savings
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Does the scheme provide value for members?

The Trustee(s) who look after the scheme assess the scheme to make sure it delivers value for its members, looking at all the benefits members receive against the costs that they pay.


Members only pay costs in relation to the scheme’s investments.


Barnett Waddingham, the scheme’s independent advisors, carried out the assessment of value and concluded that members have access to a well-governed arrangement at an appropriate and competitive cost and that the scheme provides excellent value to members.

“the scheme provides excellent value to members”